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Skillful communication. Informed decision making. Compassionate choices. Powerful connections. Right Use of Power explores the power dynamic and helps you develop the understanding and skills you need to use power with heart. While this program was developed initially for those in the helping professions, you’ll find the principles can be applied for personal empowerment at home and in any work place. Check the calendar for workshops in which the core concepts are augmented with material relevant for particular groups.

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Privilege Trumps

By Natalie Collins (Featured RUP Teacher) and Cedar Barstow   In our book, Living in the Power Zone, my husband Dr.... read more...

Eyes with Heart, Eyes of Wisdom

Eyes with Heart, Eyes of Wisdom  Lois Luckett with reflection by Cedar Barstow  Lois Luckett wrote this Letter to the Editor... read more...

Right Uses of Power Shine Forth Through An Emergency

Right Uses of Power Shine Forth Through an Emergency An Article by Cedar Barstow “My barn burned down.  Now I can... read more...

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